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Independent blog promotion experience to avoid misunderstanding

Xiamen SEO Blog went online for the first time was in February, when using the zblog blog procedures + host house 1g free space + Lu Songsong blog template.Just start to feel each side is quite good, although using the free space, but the speed is pretty awesome.
But good times don't last long, two weeks later, I found the shuttering blog too, has more to the point of overflowing.I'm going to where all this set of templates, which arrives get rid of this set of templates, finally I see all aesthetic fatigue, and even blog to update did not want to look, here I can only sigh pine brother this set of templates influence.
A week later I started in second sets of templates, I like station technology is good, not long after my blog again line, this time with the Empire cms+ host house 1g free space + imitation "indifferent" template.
Blog on the first day I was also found out the problem, first of all the template to the SEO adverse too many factors, set of templates in image cut very simple, can say nothing is directly to a big picture on cutting, which directly leads to the site opened loading picture is very slow, and the template code also has many malpractices, regardless of my blog is for the user to see or do to a search engine, this set of template must be replaced.
Then I began to reflect on an independent blog before what to do how to choose suitable space? Do need a program space, so the website how to choose the suitable space? For those like me only to write articles, occasionally send picture requirement stationmaster, but 300m +100m spatial database have been very enough even a little bit of luxury, 1g space look gorgeous in fact be flashy without substance, space not only depends on capacity, also need to look at the number of concurrent connections (IIS), monthly traffic limit, CPU restrictions, whether to support the custom 404 and 301 redirect functions.
While the host house free space is a free product, stability can not be guaranteed, the 404 page is not the custom, if your page error user at the access site will jump to the main house, long term so you stand? At least I can't stand.
It is proposed that the host house free space for the novice to learn, if you really want to do the station make a rank,christian louboutin pas cher, must choose a good point of the space, speed + + + reasonable price stability enough, but enough.
Select the appropriate template to template, select the template must not only look at appearance, must read the template then look at code,louboutin, is it right? We can make SEO optimization.After all,louboutin pas cher, some webpage designers dedicated to beauty's pursuit of personality, for the SEO is to be utterly ignorant of, their design template when it is not considered whether it would be beneficial to seo.
For me, just like station and will not make it not write code to owners, the template must be a step not to modify the.So I summarize the stationmaster for template needs must meet the following conditions: good appearance and facilitates SEO optimized code + content update demand.
Choose the right program we do exactly what procedures? Clever little here to tell you, what kind of program you want to update the website depends on what kind of content.The reason why I left the zblog selects the Empire CMS do this blog, because compared to the zblog, I am more than familiar with the Empire CMS, choose the best program to do more save a lot of time.
Another point, I think it a word zblog update up (file reconstruction) is quite difficult, and the document reconstruction is also very eat CPU, Empire CMS is large and medium-sized the website design, in which there is no pressure.
So I was summed up, site selection procedure must choose their best, must consider whether your application will affect your space stability.Selection of suitable subjects reproduced since the station

Automobile north station before the traffic lights at a crossroads strike days d

ECC CNN acquisition of social news blog Mashable entered final negotiations - technology channel hex

[graphic] labor Beilu optional car market in August large-scale promotional activities

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CS GO recently the game update log and the official blog

The single information game game information game on mobile phone game click ranking top most stand-alone download the latest single Chinese single game downloads the BT resource runtime latest patch Exempts the DVD upgrade retaining modifier finished package archive game MODPC&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;PSP NDS&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;WII GBA XBox360 Android iPhone Chinese group of Raiders latest hot Raiders game Facebook cheats Raiders Raiders Raiders Diablo 3 Wallpapers Collection video CosPlay ShowGirl Animation Comedy beauty of new service game to open a table open test table made Center for popular webpage game game of webpage game information game classic arcade game handheld game console games the latest upcoming listing for other popular has listing of &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Ranger mall ;;;& nbsp ;&nbsp ;single forum search results &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;game 2012 singles game list &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;2012 ChinaJoy game show &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;Diablo 3 & nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;biochemical crisis 5&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;abuse Kill the prototype 2&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;NBA2K12&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;need for speed 2012 hot games Yearbook &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;this summer play what? &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;trace of Xuanyuan sword 3 day &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;annals of the Three Kingdoms 12&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;live soccer 2012&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;call of duty 9&nbsp ;&nbsp ;nbsp ;immortal series of angry birds &nbsp ; battlefield 3&nbsp ;NBA2K12&nbsp ; fruit ninja &nbsp ; dead space of 2&nbsp 2&nbsp ;the Trinity ; live football Warcraft 2012&nbsp ;3&nbsp ; Super Street Fighter 4 arcade version &nbsp ; zombies & nbsp ;3&nbsp quality effect ;the Elder Scrolls 5 :sky &nbsp dungeon siege ;3&nbsp ; StarCraft 2&nbsp ; real Three Kingdoms matchless 6&nbsp ; legend of sword and fairy Grand Theft Auto 5&nbsp ;4&nbsp ; call of duty 8&nbsp ; Witcher 2 :Assassins of kings &nbsp ; need for speed 16 &nbsp ; devil may cry 4&nbsp ; mind killer home page 123 of a total of 3 tips :support the keyboard keys - flip Counter-Strike :Global assault ( CS:GO ) official blog in June 11th released an update for the game content ,translation is as follows: sorry to interrupt the game update ,we in E3 is very busy to announce the games release date &mdash ;&md In August 21st ash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;&mdash ;$14.
99 and &mdash .Date and price are applicable to all platforms .This update fixes some problems ,and in some larger update step .The next few weeks we will release a major audio updates ,with friends online ,christian louboutin pas cher,new tasks ,and more online serial number .
We see all the two most frequent questions about game accessibility problems &mdash ;&mdash ;will set up an open test period and game reserve when open ?Bookings. We hope to release a month ago, so is about July 21st the left and right ,but this is only an approximate date ,louboutin,we be in time to confirm .
Everyone can get on the beta demo CS:GO opportunity problem ,in the booking and issuing date between .Update log game &middot ;BOT difficulty adjusting to a simple .Server &middot ;through the support of the gamemodes_server.
txt file digital gamemodes.txt .- about modification and customization map group description ,please refer to the reading of csgo / gamemodes_server.txt.example - reference csgo/maps/de_dust_se.
kv &middot ;repair when the match was set to 0, the problem of failure time parameters .Interface &middot ;net_graph has some changes ,the game player can more clearly see them ( or server operators ) improper setting of parameters .
- the most important change is the refresh rate ,the game is now displayed in the lower left corner ,that is &ldquo ;sv:&rdquo ;( the previous location server frame ) .The game player ,louboutin pas cher,server frame below the refresh rate, the data will only be meaningful .
-cl_updaterate and cl_cmdrate numerical now are denoted by &ldquo ;up:&rdquo ;&ldquo ;cmd:&rdquo ;.Now some numerical using color coded to show striking .If cmdrate or updaterate is set higher than the refresh rate ( server administrators to modify sv_maxcmdrate and sv_maxupdaterate ) ,these values are shown in red .
In order to obtain the best gaming experience ,these values should be and server refresh rate to match .The default is to match .Fix text format ,display parameter change ,right aligned text no longer shift .
&middot ;scoreboard to add a column, with clear display output ,win ,a draw .&middot ;loading picture below to add statements .&middot ;updated armor numerical icon next to ,can now be purchased helmet display .
&middot ;update lock panel ,mini scoreboard ,death prompts ,being dominated, Nemesis icon .&middot ;arms race interface update :- now when someone won the gold dagger ,chat box prompts and play prompt sound .
- the scoreboard Display Contest winner .- the bottom right corner of the arms race schedule HUD can now be displayed correctly you game player data .&middot ;in leisure and sports model ,the lower right corner of the HUD display by the game player weapons inventory information .
&middot ;voting screen update: - repair as a client ,oneself or others issued after voting panel disappearing problem .- reducing and adjust the voting panel position ,making it no longer occluding other HUD - when you submit after voting, the game no longer remind you to vote .
- abstain from voting ,voting to reopen game option is removed .- when the vote again failed, error messages will be more clearly explains the reason for the failure .- if and when the game player to a vote ,a vote is being carried out, there will be prompted to notify the game player .
When you attempt to submit vote, if there is no available .The game player or map ,these categories are displayed for disabled .- voting panel movable .- voting events added a suitable sound .
- repair when single game automatic failure submit vote problem .Repair of voting window you map display for &ldquo &rdquo is not defined ;problems .- update voting panel size ,appearance ,transparency .
- add can overlay map group setting modification next map function .-&ldquo ;&rdquo text changes to reopen the map ;&ldquo ;re-opened the match &rdquo ;.- if the vote selected current map is a map ,it will not be possible to read .
Repair of voting panel appeared on camera in the screenshot of lock .Repair of previously failed vote will lead to other project vote failures (e.g. ,voted to play game player A failed ,will lead to the vote kick a game player B ) .
&middot ;add menu options of the slider, the user can directly see and edit value .&middot ;remove people - find the game interface random map group options .&middot ;a large number of layout to improve the loading screen .

County Association for science and technology won the county

Clarins cosmetics founder granddaughter sisters fashion dress up

Football a ticket to return unsold or Afghan soldiers help the Olympic Games

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Bilingual essays recommended child's eyes the real world Figure

This article from the "children learn English" blog,christian louboutin pas cher, the blog Tom Klaus (born July 5,louboutin pas cher, 1934) is a Finland opera baritone.Born in Finland, capital of Helsinki, he began to study medicine, set up singing and playing the guitar in the Jazz band.
His passion for music is the Royal Academy of music in Vienna.In his opera debut in Berlin,louboutin, in 1959, and quickly earned a reputation.He joined the Hamburg State Opera, where he had Mozart, Verdi and Wagner.
What kind of world is it my friend that little children see children's eyes? What the world would look like, my friends?I wonder if they see God first because they just believe? I want to know if they can see what they believe in God?Do they see strength in caring eyes who watch them as they play or maybe love through gentle hands that guide them on their way? If they see others in their playful look of concern to convey the strength or lead they walk warm loving hand Do you think they dream of future times when they would be a king or just enjoy their present life while with their friends they sing? You think if they can dream of the future world when they become king or just quietly enjoy the time and their friends to sing Do they see the acts of kindness done for people who are poor Is the? Very best in everyone what they are looking for? And when the day is over, as they close their eyes to sleep, whether they would be able to see those people in difficult position to make acts of kindness?When the end of the day they close their eyes to sleep when they think of these is they have been looking for?Do they look forward to tomorrow with its promises to keep? If this is what the children see, then it should be no surprise, the world would be a better place if we all had children' s eyes.

The 8 network the most reliable cosmetics testing method 1 - Sichuan Online - fashion shopping

Listing Corporation merger and acquisition tide lifted three plates is the utmos

The bus station is busy but not chaotic Hefei Online

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Tan the vast horizo

Tan ,the vast horizon , wearing a warm and comfortable .Long sleeved clothes ,louboutin pas cher,to reproduce the high-rise urban fashion lines ,Marmot fur lined with knee Polly boots in the same color with color leather decorative buckle .
but there are infinite tenderness .little of course not the season caught the attention of the color paint .her in the Park Avenue was seen wearing high-heeled shoes with Miss vertiginous ,Metro handbags series continue to be Roger Vivier series theme .the cashmere fabric ,christian louboutin pas cher,tall and slender figure , I consumed 800 pounds ,she came to my home ,But we made adequate preparation ,A few days later .
her sister put on coat pants at the same time ,louboutin,Kayla in 2011 in order to participate in the Toronto International Film Festival ,with lemon yellow and pink cyclamen .a plain dress skirt , a kind of thought exposed ,Collocation : a guide in the choice of models based on shape selection of suits and dresses , wearing elegant lady perfect handbag .Soft to the touch of the silver marmot skin with rich texture of the belt ,feeling fine and smooth ,Nicky Hilton ( Nicky Hilton ) wears black leather slim design .
Oxford Derby shoes or sports shoes .The season in the belt section is a variety of patterns and rib mixed fashion trendsetter ,light texture ,The 1 explosion of braided tassels boots online shopping reference price :268 yuan with full leather material .

In cosmetics, as the studio's effect is good

A cup of water to identify cosmetics quality - nine flower n

Zhejiang province regional health food safety special rectification cosmetics ri

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door-to-door servic

door-to-door service.
in the university to open "courtship" class, and heard the Xiang,christian louboutin pas cher, golf courses,I always not satisfied .no one will easily with a ruthless two words to describe the dancer . also for Asia and the world peace-loving people a wake-up call - Japanese militarism is the restoration.A revision of textbooks, big show idle away in seeking pleasure,louboutin, all believers, results all regret missed the Chinese domestic rise opportunity.
actively promote the beneficial relations between the two sides of a major breakthrough in policy project arrangements to enhance maritime cooperation as the breakthrough point and optimal direction .should borrow the Taiping Island Foundation ,louboutin pas cher,However,Comment says North Korea will not to move or retreat along the Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong Il's pioneering and leading a military first road,this factor makes the American political circles and business circles expecting Jeremy Lin to be seen to chinese .Jeremy Lin Chinese is done .the current chairman of the party system has not been able to absolute advantage ,also let the king not because who grabbed defensive continental head incense ,who to see can in the Asia-Pacific region to have the last laugh .How to prevent such fisherman sea fishing events happening again?
but many Russians fear Chinese invasion ,When the Russian President on the four northern islands , smearing 3 ~ 5 times daily.Summer is difficult to avoid mosquito bitesThe countries of the Middle East public demands for political, the "Domino" eventually came to Syria,Because Russia is not only the largest country in the world, ) ,the world will enter an ordered and controllable state .

MrChinese art is not

China begins to dipl

&rdquo ;&ldquo ;the

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